Affordable Conferencing offers a great product. I am President of an investment club with members spread across the country. We try to hold periodic meeting to discuss club business; however, we had great difficulty with this using services such as online conferencing and chat rooms as these services were often unreliable, unpredictable, and security was always a question. In addition, standard teleconferencing was not an option due to the excessive expensive. Then I came across "Affordable Conferencing", which promise great service at a great price. I gave the service a try and sure enough found it was a true teleconferencing service that was simple and inexpensive to use. We held our meeting using this service with 8 members in 5 different states. We were provided a toll-free number, so there were no additional cost to the members. We met for about an hour and the bill was only about $35.00. This was great and well within our budget. We will definitely be using this service again.

M Middleton, Maryland


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Econo Conference call is only 5.5 Cents per minute per person

Our goal is to help you stay more competitive in the marketplace by having an economical audio conferencing tool that is high quality, easy to use, automated and cost effective.

Some of the advantages are:

  • No Reservation needed. You have 24/7 access.
  • Toll free access
  • Up to 125 Persons Per Conference.
  • Entry/ exit tones
  • Leader hangup
  • Lecture mode
  • Lock the conference
  • Music on hold while waiting for the conference to start
  • Plastic conference wallet card
  • Conference Dashboard
  • Pay by Direct bill
  • No monthly commitment.
  • No set up charges, hidden fees or obligation to use.
  • Name announce
  • Call recording
  • Extremely Easy to use and only 5.5 cents per minute per person.
  • Customized Billing for Scheduled Conferenced to Facilitate Client Level Expense Tracking (account codes)

Sign Up Now for 5.5 cents per minute

Conference calling, affordable conferencing, teleconferencingYou will have an excellent teleconferencing tool with the economy conference. In most cases you will save at least fifty percent over most other similar services. Comparing apples to apples this is the best value in teleconferencing available today.

It is very easy to get started immediately. Go to the sign-up form and get conferencing in a few hours!!!

5.5 Cents Per Minute, Per Person.

This is only an example.

Cost Breakdown*
Callers Cost
3 $9.90
5 $16.50
10 $33.00
15 $49.50
20 $66.00
30 $99.00

*Cost Breakdown is a 1 Hour (60 Minute) Call.

Sign Up Now for 5.5 cents per minute

Do you need a toll free number and pin codes now for a conference then I would suggest the Instant Sign up

Unlimited Flat Rate Conferencing

Sunday School Shut In Conferencing

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