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Econo Conferencing

  • Up to 300 People Per Conference! More if needed, just ask
  • Get Toll Free Access!
  • 3.9¢ Per Minute/Per Person for U.S.
  • Toll-free 4.9¢ for Canada
  • Billing on Monthly Basis
  • Online Portal / Conference Viewer
  • Many FREE features
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Flat Rate Conferencing

  • No per minute charges!
  • $1.00 Per line / 25 line minimum
  • One call or 100, it’s always a set price!
  • Pay only your long distance fees and Outside participants pay theirs!
  • No reservations! Make Calls ANYTIME!
  • 24/7 Conferencing NO REGULATIONS!
  • Monthly Billing! No Surprises!
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Affordable Conferencing offers a great product. I am President of an investment club with members spread across the country. We try to hold periodic meeting to discuss club business; however, we had great difficulty with this using services such as online conferencing and chat rooms as these services were often unreliable, unpredictable, and security was always a question. In addition, standard teleconferencing was not an option due to the excessive expense…

Then I came across “Affordable Conferencing”, which promise great service at a great price. I gave the service a try and sure enough found it was a true teleconferencing service that was simple and inexpensive to use. We held our meeting using this service with 8 members in 5 different states. We were provided a toll-free number, so there were no additional cost to the members. We met for about an hour and the bill was only about $35.00. This was great and well within our budget. We will definitely be using this service again.

M Middleton, Maryland

  • You will be represented by only QUALITY nationwide teleconferencing companies.
  • Each company has unique benefits that will save your company time and money.
  • Flexible solutions are available for all of your audio conferencing needs!
  • You’ll find a conference calling product to fit your need regardless of your teleconferencing budget.

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